Finally, a much needed week off!

I just finished a seven-week stint of competition. It is mentally taxing when you are playing well, but when you have struggled with your game, it takes it to a whole other level. Unfortunately, my results didn’t go the way I would have liked them to or planned them to go, but that is just golf. It takes a long time to build up confidence and belief in this game, and just a few moments to destroy it.

During the seven weeks, I played ten events – a Europro pro-am, a 1386 tour event, seven EuroPro events, and the Scottish Par 3 Championship:


The low point of the year for me thus far was round one of Luton Hoo, where I was level through 11 holes and then lost my head after my approach shot into the 12th. I ended up playing that hole and the next two holes seven over. It came down to pure frustration, but I was very disappointed in myself that I let my golf get to me like that, something I’ve been working hard to overcome.

My stats from this year are the best of any year since turning pro but unfortunately, I have not been able to gain any momentum and it seems I have been taking one step forward then two steps back. Normally, there are some great tournaments and some very bad tournaments but this year has been a little different for me. I have missed eight cuts out of thirteen on the Europro, but five of the eight have been missed by two shots or less. My golf hasn’t been really good or really bad, just distinctly average.


There is one regular Europro event left at Moor Allerton from the 13th to 15th of September, in which a top five is required for me to make it to the Grand Final in Portugal in October. I will then have a week off to prepare for the first stage of European Tour School from the 26th to 29th of September. The venue is Hardelot in France, where I played last year and finished 10th, allowing me to progress to the second stage.

I am looking to finishing the final part of the season strong! Then, I will sit down with my team and get a plan in place to improve all areas of my golf game for 2018. While this year has been a tough battle for me both mentally (losing my Nan and one of my closest friends, Barrie Douglas) and physically (the reappearance of my left shoulder problems), I have made a commitment to make next year one of the best. Thank you to all of my sponsors and supporters for the continued support. It means a great deal to me to have your support through both good and testing times.

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